About Gwages

Over eight years ago, our founder was getting tired of low quality service from several casino owners that he was affiliated to. There was obviously a gap in the casino market for someone to attend to affiliates like they truly deserve. So Gwages was created, a third person party driven to provide high quality casino affiliate programs to you; the casino affiliate. During our eight years of operations, we have seen many new sites trying to compete with us, but none has ever offered anything in the league of our programs. We strongly believe that affiliates come first, and their needs are our top priority. This belief has led to many happy and profitable affiliate relationships, as you may observe in our Testimonials section.

The casinos we select for our program are chosen for a variety of reasons, and have been tested by our team of professionals to ensure only the highest quality programs are included. Among the criteria we use to determine a top casino affiliate program include commission structure, customer satisfaction, response time to answer an email, payout rules, payout timing, site design and usability, site promotions, age of site, feedback from forums, and others.

Our success has allowed us to strengthen, and provide our affiliates with an ever growing wealth of benefits. Like our creative team that is just waiting to come up with any custom marketing material that you may need to promote your site. Our banners, newsletters and other marketing material will guarantee that you make the most of your online casino traffic. From our humble one man operation beginning, to the team of professionals we currently boast; everyone here at Gwages is eager to work with you, to make this the most profitable casino affiliate relationship ever!

We are more than just another casino affiliate network, we are more like your partner; willing to work hard, to maximize a profitable relationship for all parties involved. Our experience and proven track record lay as evidence of our strong commitment to our affiliates.

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