Anti-Spam Policy

Our strictly prohibitive spam policy protects our brand reputation, and yours


Any form of spam will result in your account being placed under review and all funds due being withheld pending an investigation into your account. You need to be aware that our clients are liable to incur expenses in dealing with spam generated mail and these same expenses will be deducted from your account if our client seek recourse. In this instance the amount determined by the relative client will be fair and deemed final and acceptable based on good faith and such amount will be collectable by law and deemed to have been accepted by you as fair and reasonable and as agreed to by registration as an affiliate of Gwages.

If these expenses not be covered by funds in your account we reserve the right to investigate other alternative means for obtaining payment for example: should your account have generated purchasing accounts we will hold payment of commission for these accounts until such a time as the account for damages has been cleared. If your account not be active and be generating profit through commission payments we reserve the right to demand payment from the account holder.

If you require more information regarding our spam policy, please contact support.

If you wish to report any incidences of Spam, please contact us at