• What is a casino affiliate program?
A casino affiliate program is a partnership with an online merchant who compensates you for any sales you generate via links on your site. A Casino Affiliate Program is thus an easy way to earn money off traffic to your site.

• Are there any fees to join Gambling Wages?
No, joining Gambling Wages is free and upon applying you will have access to Gambling Wages online gaming properties to promote.

• How do I join Gambling Wages affiliate program?
Click on JOIN NOW in the heading, or simply CLICK HERE to enroll to the program.

• How much can I earn as a casino affiliate?
This really depends on how much effort you put into it. The average earning affiliate makes $2000 - $5000 with our top earners making in excess of $50,000 a month.

• How do I get paid?
Casino Affiliates can choose to be paid by these options:
Neteller (Min amount : $ 10 per transaction. Only for Countries allowed by Net Teller and active accounts. NO US or CANADA. Period: Reflects at the same time).
Bank Wire (No intermediary banks are allowed. $5,000 per person per day, 3 wires per week. Minimum $500 / Maximum $5,000).
Checks (USA and Canada only for deposit into bank account. Min and Max amount : $300 to $3,000. Company Names not Allowed. $3,000 PER PERSON PER DAY).
Casino Account - no fee.

• When and how often do I get paid?
Internet casino affiliates are paid once a month. Payments are processed after the 15th of the following month.

• How does the system track my referrals?
A player is linked to you when you have referred them to the casinos using your referral link which can be found either by visiting the marketing tools section, or in the signup mail sent to you on registration. The visitor clicks on the unique URL (banner, text link, email message, etc) and Gambling Wages is able to track the visitor and give credit to the affiliate for the player referred.

• Do I get paid for just placing a casino advertisement on my website?
No, affiliates earn commissions on the revenue generated by players they refer. Just having banners on your website does not guarantee that your visitors will click on the banners, download the casino, sign up and deposit money. Webmasters need to promote their own websites to attract players, or promote our brands using their unique refer URLS.

• What is Gambling Wages' policy on spamming?
Gambling Wages does not condone spam of any sort and has a policy which can be read by clicking here.

• How often are my stats updated?
Most stats are updated in real time, but the more complicated summary payment stats are updated once a day.

• How often are affiliate stats updated?
The affiliate stats are updated in real-time. The affiliate stats are provided by the casino software provider - RTG.

• How do I contact support?
Gambling Wages support can be contacted by clicking here.